The children ethnical ensemble Brněnský Valášek

The Children Ethnical Ensemble Brněnský Valášek

The ensemble of more than a hundred members has brought up a lot of young dancers, musicians and singers. Children aged from 4 to 18 are divided into 4 dance groups and there are two dulcimer music groups. Brněnský Valášek has always been playing an important role in Brno cultural life. Besides dancing and musical concerts the ensemble also prepares programmes composed of old traditions, customs, games and every day way of life performances of different seasons of the year. These programmes in a shorten version are hugely popular with Basic Schools.

Once in every two years Brněnský Valášek organizes a festival called “Meeting of Ensembles – Folklore without Boundaries“ to introduce other Czech and foreign children ensembles to the Brno audience. Brněnský Valášek has been successfully representing Brno and Moravia both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Its performances have been broadcast on Czech TV and Radio.

The main aim of Brněnský Valášek work is to teach children about folk traditions of this country to find joy in them and to perform their beauty to all spectators and listeners.