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Brněnský Valášek has been active in Brno since 1975. It processes the folklore of the region of North Moravia - Wallachia and tries to pass on to its members the dances, songs and customs that the natives brought to the environment of the South Moravian metropolis from the Wallachia of past centuries.

During its existence, today's 160-member troupe has trained a number of dancers, musicians and singers. Today, members aged from 4 years to adults are divided into 5 dance groups, the ensemble has three dulcimer musicians. Throughout its existence, the Brno Valášek has been a living part of the cultural events in Brno. In addition to regular performances, he prepares composed programs, abbreviated versions of which form the content of other performances, and regularly organizes the event "Ensemble meetings - Folklore without borders" once every two years, during which he presents friendly groups from the Czech Republic and abroad to the Brno audience. The ensemble successfully represents its region and city both in its homeland and abroad. His work has been recorded several times by Czech Television and Czech Radio.

The goal of the creation of the Brno Valášek is to cultivate the relationship of the members to the folk traditions of our country, to teach them to find joy in them and to convincingly convey the beauty of the songs, dances and customs of Wallachia to everyone for whom they perform .